Don’s Playlist Of The Week

The fan favorite is back by popular demand.


It’s a working title.

It’s good to be back! Not back on Washed, since this is my inaugural article, but back writing about music! For the ~5 people out there on the interwebs that follow and generally accept my music taste as good, this segment may seem a little familiar, because it is. Last year I started a posting weekly playlists comprised of ten songs following a few simple guidelines:

  • The music doesn’t have to be recently released. It generally is, but that’s not always the case. Basically, I’m just picking my ten favorite songs of the week and putting a playlist together of them.
  • There can only be one song from each artist (features don’t count).
  • Songs from the same album are allowed, but on different weeks.
  • There’s no specific genres being chosen from.
  • The songs have to be on Spotify. This is where I’m making the playlist, so to have a full catalogue of songs available to the listener, this is just how it’s gonna have to be. Plus, Spotify is a superior platform to Apple Music.

Ummm, yeah. That’s it. Make a playlist? I think I’ll do one…

Lying To You // Goldroom

Although most of Goldroom’s songs carry a very similar vibe, it’s not a bad vibe to have. Songs like this make me want to be driving along the Pacific Coastline while the sun is setting over the ocean. Summer vibes, man.

Dang! (feat. Anderson .Paak) // Mac Miller

Good:AM was good, and I thought Watching Movies With The Sound Off was overlooked, but this is Mac Miller’s best effort in awhile. Plus, it features Anderson .Paak. This tweet accurately summarizes how I feel about anything that features Anderson .Paak:

Caught Me Thinkin // Bahamas

Very slippery catchy guitar tones. Put this on by a body of water, drink a beer, and contemplate a past relationship.

Real Love Baby // Father John Misty

His holiness Father John, singing about love, over some nice acoustic guitar. Sign me up.

Friends (feat. Bon Iver) // Francis and the Lights

Kanye has described “Friends” as his favorite song of the year. I wouldn’t go that far, but it’s a damn good song and it makes me very excited for new Bon Iver music to come (pronounced “Bon I-ver”).

Witness (feat. Lil B) // Clams Casino

Don’t curse me, but I’ve never gotten the Based God. He kills this song though. Clams Casino provides the #slaps.

What If I Go? // Mura Masa

I haven’t listened to much of Mura Masa, but I’ve liked everything I’ve come across of his. This might be my favorite though. Try not to bounce your head to this song.

Ride Out (feat. Vince Staples) // Schoolboy Q

The entirety of The Blank Face LP is fire, but I think this is the standout track on the album. Also, Vince Staples continues to do nothing but put out flames. I’m very excited for the rumored collab with James Blake on the horizon.

Closer // The Chainsmokers

The hook is corny and poppy, but hey, it’s catchy as well. This one’s for Team Heaters.

Out At Night (feat. A.Chal) // Stwo

A.Chal recently dropped a project that is very fire and also very slept on (more on this to come later), and he continues his run over this tripped out beat from Stwo, a producer from Paris/Toronto. Stwo also dropped an album that’s very good.

Find the playlist below! I’d love to hear what y’all think in the comments, and I welcome any music recommendations as well.

By Deege Sutton



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