Don’s Playlist Of The Week (Vol. 2)

The fan favorite is back by popular demand.


It’s a working title (that apparently needs to work harder).

New music Friday! Here’s some tunes just in time for the weekend. Although the first installment of this series was posted on a Saturday, it’s my goal to make Friday the day for Don’s Playlist of the Week (DPOTW, for short).

Shelter // Madeon and Porter Robinson

After a significant hiatus from releasing music, two of my favorite EDM producers are back with a joint track and an announcement that they will be launching a tour together. Fingers are crossed I can make it to one of these shows, but for now I’ll have to be satisfied with a very solid collaborative effort.

Free Lunch // Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad is a favorite of the editors here at Washed, and after a fantastic freshman effort in Cilvia Demo and two great singles before “Free Lunch” in “Nelly” and “Smile,” we are very excited for the TDE rapper’s sophomore release. It’s rumored to be dropping in sometime in early September…

Fragile // Prince Fox

Some catchy and poppy future house for ya. It’s my guilty pleasure.

Strip // Indica

This song randomly got reposted onto my Soundcloud feed. I have no idea who Indica is, but I fuck with the beat heavily.

JoHn Muir // Schoolboy Q

I posted a Blank Face song on my last playlist, and I’ll probably post another one on my next playlist. This album is just too good to not highlight it, plus I’m finding a new favorite song every week on it. This week’s is “JoHn Muir.”

Fill the Void (feat. Amir Obe and Daniel Caesar) // Stwo

I posted a Stwo song last week as well, but in my defense, it was before I heard this song. This song is wayyyy too good to not highlight. This is some 3am-too fucked up-contemplating an ex-type shit. “Bae I’m off the Henny and the skunk too…”

Destroyer // Panama

This song is road trip as fuck. With smooth, rhythmic guitar and a steady beat, put this on as you watch the Earth pass you by onto your next destination.

Fast Lane // Rationale

See above description. Also road trip as fuck, just with a little more electronic twang.

Keep It Close To Me // Yumi Zouma

If this album would have been released around this time instead of earlier in the year, it definitely would have made into my “Snooze Button” series. However, it’s moment has passed and my Snooze Button que is already stacking up faster than I can churn them out, so here’s the best track off a very solid album.

All Nite (feat. Vince Staples) // Clams Casino

Last time Clams Casino and Vince got together for a track we got the Summertime ’06 standout “Norf Norf”, and “All Nite” lives up to all expectations the previous song might have set for these two collabing. Meanwhile I’m still waiting on that new Vince Staples EP…


By Deege Sutton

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