Snooze Button: Welcome To GAZI

Wake up and listen to this album.


Music you’re sleeping on.

A common theme in my consumption of music is having an album that I’m really, really stoked on that nobody else seems to care about. I’ve decided to use this to my advantage and start a reoccurring segment on Washed to alleviate this problem! These articles won’t necessarily be a full-blown review of the music, but rather a quick rundown of the album, why I like it, what songs are good, and why you should be listening to it.

Welcome To GAZI – A.Chal

Up until last winter, A.Chal was relatively unknown around the internet until two very good singles, “Round Whippin'” and “Gazi” surfaced out of nowhere and started generating buzz around his name. Fast forward to the beginning of summer, and A.Chal’s freshman debut, Welcome to GAZI, has arrived. GAZI is a dark, brooding electro-R&B hybrid that features subject matter similar to that of early Weeknd material with a hispanic twist. A.Chal rides over the layered and hazy production with a Post Malone-esque style that deftly switches back and forth between laid-back crooning and fast-paced rapping depending on the tempo of the beat. A.Chal allows the pristine production throughout the album to breathe while contributing catchy hooks and showcasing his knack for melody.

Highlights: Gazi, Round Whippin’, Vibe W/U, Fuego, Right Now, Far From Home


By Deege Sutton

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