Snooze Button: Visions of Us on the Land

Music you’re sleeping on.


Visions of Us on the Land – Damien Jurado

Damien Jurado has been a prolific alternative-folk solo artist since the mid-90s. Despite releasing fourteen full-length albums between 1997 and 2014, it wasn’t until his 2016 releaseVisions of Us on the Land, that I was introduced to his music by a tweet.

Father John Misty is one of the best performers I’ve ever seen, so this was high praise in my eyes. Per usual, Father John’s taste proved to be impeccable.

Visions of Us on the Land is the finale of a trilogy of concept albums, but you don’t need to be familiar to the prior work to appreciate Visions. The album is lonely, misty mountain music, if while on the mountain, you had sporadic flashbacks to the time you did peyote one desert night. “QACHINA” and “TAQOMA” get intensely psychedelic, “A.M AM” and “ONALASKA” echoing and ephemeral, “Exit 353” passionate and regretful. The album is incredibly diverse with fantastic folk melodies throughout. Visions is a great folk album to play front to back or just selectively, and repeated listens yield something new each time.

P.S. Check out the excellent video for Exit 353 if you get the chance.

Highlights: QACHINA, ONALASKA, Exit 353, A.M. AM

By Jake Ramirez

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