Snooze Button: D.T.S.N.T. EP

Music you’re sleeping on.


D.T.S.N.T. EP – Stwo

For those readers out there who’ve been following my weekly playlists, I’ve already endorsed Stwo twice by posting two tracks from this project: “Out At Night” and “Fill The Void.” Well, surprise! The whole album’s good. And not a lot of people are listening to it. 

Stwo is a producer originally from Paris that has since relocated to Toronto, and has captured and began to evolve the trademark “syrup” sound the 6 has spawned. He even co-produced Weston Road Flows on VIEWS.

The production throughout DTSNT can be characterized as layered, hazey, and yes, syrupy, but that doesn’t mean this album stagnates sonically. A diverse lineup of featured vocalists give each track a signature feel, and at only 8 tracks long, this short EP leaves the listener wishing for more Stwo.

Highlights: Haunted, Out At Night, Fill The Void, All Alone, Insecure

By Deege Sutton





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