POTW: Soundcloud Deepcuts Edition

A twist on the weekly playlist.


I’m not going to lie to you, family. In a week that featured Frank Ocean, Vince Staples and now Young Thug all dropping (very good) projects, my music consumption hasn’t been that diverse. In fact, the only music I’ve listened to outside of the above projects is the playlist I made for y’all last week. And we still have Travi$ Scott’s new album coming too! But, these are good problems to have. One problem you won’t have, however, is no new music this week. Because although I don’t have any music to share in my Spotify library, my Soundcloud is chock full of remixes and deepcuts that aren’t available anywhere else, so this week’s playlist will be comprised solely of these songs. A little different, but I think you’ll enjoy the change of pace.

Don’t Do It For You No More // PARTYNEXTDOOR

I’m not entirely why sure this track didn’t make PND’s latest release, P3, but it’s a very good song. It’s tropical in a depressing way, like you went on vacation and ended up running into an ex while in Hawaii or something. Nevertheless, it’s no secret that PARTYNEXTDOOR is the driving influence behind Drake’s dancehall/Jamaican/tropical creative direction, and this song is proof. I still haven’t gotten around to listening to P3 yet, so I’d expect more PARTY songs in the future.

Wall Fuck (Melvv Flip) // Flume

I enjoyed Flume’s latest album, Skin, but at times I found it to be a little too… jarring for me. “Wall Fuck” is a perfect example of a song that was just too jarring to really click fully. (Sidenote: Dylan Wheeler AKA Wheels AKA Dough God AKA Diesel AKA DJ Naytur figured out that you can play the entire beat for “Wall Fuck” with a certain stock instrument setting on a keyboard. Coincidence? Who knows.) Melvv takes the backbone of this song and smoothes it out into a much friendlier listening experience.

Back It Up (Lido Passion Flip) // THEY.

For those of you that know my electronic music tastes, I’ve been very high on Lido and his musical talents for awhile, even eschewing Vince Staples’ set at Pemberton to take it in live. Much to my dismay, he recently deleted his entire Soundcloud catalogue and uploaded three new songs into the cavernous space that was left. This track is easily the standout.

Doin’ It Right (k?d Remix) // Daft Punk

I pulled this song out of a very good mix by Louis The Child. I don’t know anything else about it besides the synths are craaaaaazy.

Money Made Me Do It (feat. 2 Chainz) // Post Malone

Post Malone is one of those guys that you kinda hate how much you like them because they’re so corny, but they’re music’s so good catchy you have to fuck with ’em anyways. This song will get stuck in your head.

Grown Ass Kid (feat. Mick Jenkins, Alex Wiley and Cam O’Bi) // Chance The Rapper

This track was recorded for Chance 3 Coloring Book but for some reason didn’t make the final project. This track also wasn’t supposed to be released, but thankfully Chance left it up for the kids.

Waited 4 U (Odesza Remix) // Slow Magic

What am I supposed to say here? It’s just a fire Odesza remix. They do this a lot.

The Frequency // Kid Cudi

I don’t know why this isn’t an official release from Cudder, but it’s the best god damn song he’s dropped since MOTM II. Seriously, we all know Cudi still has it, but  getting Cudi’s last album instead makes me want to throw on SB2H and shove a screwdriver through my eye.

i wish you loved me. // whereisalex

Thanks to Dylan Wheeler AKA Wheels AKA Dough God AKA Diesel AKA DJ Naytur I was put onto this guy and I’ve been addicted to his page ever since. (I think) this is my favorite song of his so I chose it for this week’s playlist, but I’d recommend checking out his entire catalogue if you like this song.

Sing Me To Sleep (Marshmello Remix) // Alan Walker

Much of what Marshmello has managed to do in the past year has been awesome, from dropping a string of very good songs through his Soundcloud page, to absolutely murdering sets at EDC and Ultra, to keeping his identity secret (is it Skrillex, Dotcom, Slushii, Oookay, Jauz, or some combination of the five?). Regardless of who’s making the music, Marshmello’s latest remix caps off our Soundcloud Deepcuts Playlist.

By Deege Sutton

OH SHIT, Y’ALL: I was gonna put this song in the playlist too but forgot about it. Here’s a little bonus track:



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