Album Review: Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight

Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight sees Travis Scott trading in the vibrant layers of Rodeo for relatively muted colors, emphasis on relatively.


Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight – Travis Scott

Travis Scott has displayed two great strengths through his career. He is an expert mood curator, gracing only the most prime of instrumentals (and tweaking the lesser ones until they’re right), placing guests in the perfect environment, using smoke machines and neon lights to frame his signature mysterious and angst-dripping sound. He has also been a maximalist – think “3500” from his excellent and overflowing debut, Rodeo. Continue reading “Album Review: Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight”

Album Review: Telefone

Noname’s debut mixtape is subtle, nuanced, and gorgeous.

Telefone – Noname

And I know the money don’t really make me whole / The magazine covers drenched in gold / The dreams of granny in mansion and happy / The little things I need to save my soul.

That’s how Telefone, the debut mixtape from Chicago-based rapper Noname, kicks off. Those lines get right down to business by hitting on the tape’s core focuses – faith and death. Continue reading “Album Review: Telefone”