BoJack Horseman Recap: S3E1 & S3E2

It’s good to be back in Hollywoo.


Spoilers for S3E1 and S3E2 of BoJack Horseman follow

Quick breakdown of what’s happening here: these are episodic recaps of Season 3 of BoJack Horseman. The plan is to recap two episodes at a time, but we might rev it down to one at a time for particularly weighty episodes, and this show has a history of suddenly dropping extremely weighty episodes. We’re aiming to release about three recaps a week with the goal of having them all up in two weeks. We’ll see if I can pace myself. Continue reading “BoJack Horseman Recap: S3E1 & S3E2”

What Happened To Our Drake Masterpiece?

VIEWS was supposed to be Drake’s masterpiece. Where does he go from here?

VIEWS was surrounded by a rare level of hype, the kind I hadn’t seen since Kanye dripped the hot wax that was G.O.O.D. Fridays on us leading up to the release of his masterpiece, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. There was widespread hope that Drake had finally lined the pieces up to produce his own magnum opus, “Views From The 6”. There were billboards, a Fader cover, the courtside lint roller. Fans had sensed his potential since his introduction, and Drake hadn’t been shy about his claim to the rap throne. Something big was on the horizon.

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Top Five, Top Five, Top Five… (Part 1)

Washed boys remember the music from before they were washed.

Jake: First, welcome to this blog that as of the time of this writing, remains unnamed! I approached Deege with this project to achieve a very simple goal: “to find a healthier way to spend my free time than violently jerking off to Trump press releases”. As of the time of this writing, that goal has not been achieved, but we fully intend on chasing that dream as far as we can!  Continue reading “Top Five, Top Five, Top Five… (Part 1)”