The World Today? Pure Comedy.

Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy could end up being the most vital piece of art this year. What would that entail?



I walked to Dupont Circle on January 20th. The air was weird in the city – there wasn’t much traffic on my walk, vehicular or pedestrian. The calendar said Friday, but the atmosphere was more like the one that settles in a room when someone tells a joke in a crowded room and stillness fills the space where there should’ve been laughter. Everything smelled like weed. Continue reading “The World Today? Pure Comedy.”

Music In 2016, By The People

This is the music you loved in 2016. By you, I mean the six people who were willing to be interviewed. By interviewed, I mean answered questions I sent them on Facebook.

The end of the year is always my favorite time to read about music. End of the year lists more plentiful than ever, expanding to “Quotes of the Year” and the “Best Music Memes of 2016”. There’s never a better time to read hot takes about albums you love and hate and read a review that spurs interest in a new artist – I discovered some of my favorite albums after seeing an unknown artist on some top ten end of year list.

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Jake’s Top 42.0 Albums of 2016

It’s almost the second month of 2017, so you know what that means. It’s time to relive everyone’s favorite year! That’s right, I finally finished my top 50 albums of 2016!

It’s almost the second month of 2017, so you know what that means. It’s time to relive everyone’s favorite year! That’s right, I finally finished my top 50 albums of 2016! This was incredibly time consuming, and I actually quit at my top 42.0 albums. That’s partially a product of me being sick of writing this, it getting dangerously deep into 2017 for me to be writing 2016 recaps, and that I didn’t really like the eight albums composing the remainder of my top 50. For the curious reader, here they are, listed:

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Album Review: Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight

Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight sees Travis Scott trading in the vibrant layers of Rodeo for relatively muted colors, emphasis on relatively.

Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight – Travis Scott

Travis Scott has displayed two great strengths through his career. He is an expert mood curator, gracing only the most prime of instrumentals (and tweaking the lesser ones until they’re right), placing guests in the perfect environment, using smoke machines and neon lights to frame his signature mysterious and angst-dripping sound. He has also been a maximalist – think “3500” from his excellent and overflowing debut, Rodeo. Continue reading “Album Review: Birds In The Trap Sing McKnight”

The Life of Pablo And The Many Relationships Of Kanye West

Pablo didn’t change the game. It changed Kanye West’s legacy.

The Life of Pablo is sprawling, beautiful and obscene, endearing in a kind of off-kilter way, comfortable in the sense it isn’t Yeezus and alien in the manner it isn’t quite like anything else Kanye West has made. The way the album was, and is being, birthed and presented in the public view has been the focal point for many seeking to immediately understand the legacy of Pablo. West, the notorious perfectionist, was changing the game by releasing an imperfect product with a guarantee that it would evolve into its true form over time. Continue reading “The Life of Pablo And The Many Relationships Of Kanye West”

Top Five, Top Five, Top Five… (Part 2)

Washed boys finish remembering the music from before they were washed.

Top Five, Top Five, Top Five… (Part 1) is found here.

Deege: Aaaand without going completely Frank Ocean on y’all, we’re back for the second and final installment of Top Five, Top Five, Top Five (T5T5T5P2, for short)! For those of you that missed our first installment, the concept behind this segment is for William and I (AKA: Washed ™ Boys International) to recap and discuss the top five albums that (collectively) meant the most to us and our college experience. Besides reviewing the final two albums on our list, both Jake and I will individually discuss an album that meant a lot each of us personally throughout college, but that the other just never enjoyed. It’s time to give the kids the music, bro! Continue reading “Top Five, Top Five, Top Five… (Part 2)”

Snooze Button: Visions of Us on the Land

Music you’re sleeping on.

Visions of Us on the Land – Damien Jurado

Damien Jurado has been a prolific alternative-folk solo artist since the mid-90s. Despite releasing fourteen full-length albums between 1997 and 2014, it wasn’t until his 2016 releaseVisions of Us on the Land, that I was introduced to his music by a tweet. Continue reading “Snooze Button: Visions of Us on the Land”