Music In 2016, By The People

This is the music you loved in 2016. By you, I mean the six people who were willing to be interviewed. By interviewed, I mean answered questions I sent them on Facebook.


The end of the year is always my favorite time to read about music. End of the year lists more plentiful than ever, expanding to “Quotes of the Year” and the “Best Music Memes of 2016”. There’s never a better time to read hot takes about albums you love and hate and read a review that spurs interest in a new artist – I discovered some of my favorite albums after seeing an unknown artist on some top ten end of year list.

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POTW: Soundcloud Deepcuts Edition

A twist on the weekly playlist.

I’m not going to lie to you, family. In a week that featured Frank Ocean, Vince Staples and now Young Thug all dropping (very good) projects, my music consumption hasn’t been that diverse. In fact, the only music I’ve listened to outside of the above projects is the playlist I made for y’all last week. And we still have Travi$ Scott’s new album coming too! But, these are good problems to have. One problem you won’t have, however, is no new music this week. Because although I don’t have any music to share in my Spotify library, my Soundcloud is chock full of remixes and deepcuts that aren’t available anywhere else, so this week’s playlist will be comprised solely of these songs. A little different, but I think you’ll enjoy the change of pace. Continue reading “POTW: Soundcloud Deepcuts Edition”

Top Five, Top Five, Top Five… (Part 1)

Washed boys remember the music from before they were washed.

Jake: First, welcome to this blog that as of the time of this writing, remains unnamed! I approached Deege with this project to achieve a very simple goal: “to find a healthier way to spend my free time than violently jerking off to Trump press releases”. As of the time of this writing, that goal has not been achieved, but we fully intend on chasing that dream as far as we can!  Continue reading “Top Five, Top Five, Top Five… (Part 1)”