The World Today? Pure Comedy.

Father John Misty’s Pure Comedy could end up being the most vital piece of art this year. What would that entail?



I walked to Dupont Circle on January 20th. The air was weird in the city – there wasn’t much traffic on my walk, vehicular or pedestrian. The calendar said Friday, but the atmosphere was more like the one that settles in a room when someone tells a joke in a crowded room and stillness fills the space where there should’ve been laughter. Everything smelled like weed. Continue reading “The World Today? Pure Comedy.”

Don’s Playlist Of The Week

The fan favorite is back by popular demand.

It’s a working title.

It’s good to be back! Not back on Washed, since this is my inaugural article, but back writing about music! For the ~5 people out there on the interwebs that follow and generally accept my music taste as good, this segment may seem a little familiar, because it is. Continue reading “Don’s Playlist Of The Week”