Music In 2016, By The People

This is the music you loved in 2016. By you, I mean the six people who were willing to be interviewed. By interviewed, I mean answered questions I sent them on Facebook.


The end of the year is always my favorite time to read about music. End of the year lists more plentiful than ever, expanding to “Quotes of the Year” and the “Best Music Memes of 2016”. There’s never a better time to read hot takes about albums you love and hate and read a review that spurs interest in a new artist – I discovered some of my favorite albums after seeing an unknown artist on some top ten end of year list.

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The Life of Pablo And The Many Relationships Of Kanye West

Pablo didn’t change the game. It changed Kanye West’s legacy.

The Life of Pablo is sprawling, beautiful and obscene, endearing in a kind of off-kilter way, comfortable in the sense it isn’t Yeezus and alien in the manner it isn’t quite like anything else Kanye West has made. The way the album was, and is being, birthed and presented in the public view has been the focal point for many seeking to immediately understand the legacy of Pablo. West, the notorious perfectionist, was changing the game by releasing an imperfect product with a guarantee that it would evolve into its true form over time. Continue reading “The Life of Pablo And The Many Relationships Of Kanye West”