Damn. First Impressions

 So it hasn’t been 24 hours since the release of DAMN., but I think that’s enough time for some quick hits on the album. This is more for my benefit than anyone else’s, since I’ve come dangerously close to stopping strangers on the sidewalk and politely, but forcefully telling them that they don’t have any earphones in, and thus couldn’t be listening to DAMN. in what seems to be time they could be using to listen to DAMN.

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Top Five, Top Five, Top Five… (Part 2)

Washed boys finish remembering the music from before they were washed.

Top Five, Top Five, Top Five… (Part 1) is found here.

Deege: Aaaand without going completely Frank Ocean on y’all, we’re back for the second and final installment of Top Five, Top Five, Top Five (T5T5T5P2, for short)! For those of you that missed our first installment, the concept behind this segment is for William and I (AKA: Washed ™ Boys International) to recap and discuss the top five albums that (collectively) meant the most to us and our college experience. Besides reviewing the final two albums on our list, both Jake and I will individually discuss an album that meant a lot each of us personally throughout college, but that the other just never enjoyed. It’s time to give the kids the music, bro! Continue reading “Top Five, Top Five, Top Five… (Part 2)”